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Jesus Christ is the foundation and focus of all our lessons and activities. We will learn about Jesus, His love for us and how we can know Him, and share His love with others.


Healthy, safe and secure

We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child. All of our caregivers have submitted applications, been interviewed and will be screened through a reference check and a criminal background check. We offer a secure check-in/check-out procedure. We do not accept sick children into our programs. We clean and disinfect toys and classrooms.



We provide age-appropriate lessons in a bright, lively environment.


Partnering with parents

Our job at Bridges Children’s Ministry is to support parents and partner with them in raising children who know Christ. We keep parents involved, informed and aware. We welcome your input, ideas, questions and concerns.


Fun, fun, fun!

Kids thrive in a fun, active environment. Our Sunday School curriculum and nursery program provide plenty of opportunity for kids to move, play, sing, laugh, make friends, and have fun.



We seek to engage the whole family and will provide many opportunities for families to worship, learn and serve together. This is especially evident each week as our preschool and older children worship with their parents before being dismissed to attend their own age-appropriate Sunday school class.



We teach children to serve as Jesus did and will provide opportunities for the kids to build bridges that will impact their church community, the community they live in, and the world.
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