Welcome to Bridges!

Thank you for checking out Bridges! I hope the information you find here gives you a good sense of who we are. In short, Bridges is all about unwrapping and embracing the incredible life offered by Jesus Christ.  I believe Bridges is a place where you can experience the love God has for you in Jesus Christ. I invite you to join us for worship on Sunday morning.  I hope to meet you soon.

Embracing Jesus,
Mike Kleven, Lead Pastor

Culturally relevant

DrummerIt doesn't make sense to bind the message of Jesus Christ in language, music, and traditions people don't understand. In fact, failing to communicate God's love in a way people can understand is irreverant. Why?  Because people matter to God. That's why God sent us Jesus! And because people matter to God people matter to us too.  At Bridges we are building a church where people can explore God's love in culturally relevant and understandable ways.

Biblical messages

Mike KlevenPractical Bible-based teaching that deals with real life issues describes the preaching of Bridges' Lead Pastor Mike Kleven.  With more than 20 years of experience as a pastor, Mike understands the challenges, triumphs, and frustrations we face in our modern culture. Beginning with a deep understanding of the Bible, Mike addresses real life issues helping people make deeper connections with God through Jesus Christ in meaningful and practical ways. 

Modern worship

Worship GatheringWorship draws people into the presence of God to celebrate who He is and what He's done.  As with any celebration, music is an important element of worshiping God. At Bridges we seek to enter God's presence in ways that speak from the heart of the worshiper. Doug Shea, Bridges Music Director, combines his love for God, his love for music, and more than a decade touring with the band Spirit Creek, into a worship experience that is modern and passionate with a solid rock edge.

Community focus

Popcorn OutreachBridges' slogan, Church for the Community, reflects our outward focus.  Jesus didn't hide cloistered in some building.  He spent his time with people in the community.  He met people at their point of need and sought to meet it.  That's what Bridges is seeking to do.  We want to bless the community just like Jesus blessed the people around him.  That means getting out into the community.  It means finding out where the community has need and meeting it.